Free Hearing Tests & Tinnitus Advice in Mullingar

Connect Hearing Mobile Hearing Healthcare unitMobile Hearing Unit in Mullingar Between The 24th and 26th of July

Connect Hearing will be out in force offering free hearing tests and tinnitus advice in the mobile unit at the Midlands Home & Garden Exhibition in Mullingar between the 24th and the 26th of July. The event will be held at the Belvedere House & Gardens Mullingar. It is a beautiful setting for what promises to be a fantastic event. 

Free Hearing Tests, Tinnitus & Hearing Healthcare Advice

We will be offering free hearing tests, tinnitus and hearing healthcare advice to all comers. So if you are interested in your hearing, have any questions about tinnitus or hearing loss, or are worried about some problem, why don't you drop by the mobile unit to have a chat with us. We are always happy to have a chat.