The Latest Mid Range Hearing Aids From Widex

Unique 330

Hearing Aids Dublin, Widex Unique 330The Widex Unique 330 is the upper mid range hearing aid family in the new "Unique" range from Widex. Widex have delivered a very strong range at this price point as they always do, they have retained some of the better features from the more expensive 440.

We tend to provide Widex to many of our customers because they are really fantastic hearing aids and we have been using the Unique since its launch last year. We have found it to be an outstanding hearing aid across all levels of technology. A couple of our customers who were wearing the Widex Dream range decided they wanted to try the Unique. 

Great For The Outdoors

Their feedback is that the Unique is even better than the Dream range,(which really takes some beating), especially in outdoor situations. This is of course because of the new wind reduction feature available in the Unique but only in the 440 unfortunately. So let's take a deeper look at the 330 level, the models, the features and what you can expect. 

Model types

The model types are the same across all of the technology levels, the 330 has the full sized traditional BTE, the Fashion. The middle sized RIC the Fusion and the rather tiny and discreet Passion. In the ear models range from the full sized ITE down to the tiny micro CIC.small and discreet hearing aids

  • WIDEX UNIQUE 330 CIC-M : non-wireless micro ’completely-in-canal’ (Size 10 battery)
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 330 CIC: wireless ’completely-in-canal’ with telecoil (Size 10 battery)
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 330 XP: wireless ’in-the-ear’ with telecoil (Size 312)
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 330 PASSION: wireless mini ’receiver-in-ear’ (Size 10 battery)
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 330 FUSION: wireless ’receiver-in-ear’ with push button and telecoil (Size 312 battery)
  • WIDEX UNIQUE 330 FASHION: wireless slimline power ’sound-tube BTE’ or ‘standard BTE’ with volume control and telecoil (Size 312)

Main features

Lets talk the features and what they can do for you.

  • U platform (processor)
  • Unique Sound Class Technology – 5 interear sound classes
  • Unique Variable Speech Compression
  • Unique True-Input Technology
  • 10 Channels
  • Multi-directional Active Interear Feedback Cancelling (stops whistling)
  • 4 Programs
  • Unique Preference control
  • Digital Pinna (mimics the natural effects of the outer ear)
  • TruSound Softener
  • Unique Interear Speech Enhancer (fantastic noise reduction)
  • Noise Reduction
  • Unique Soft Level Noise Reduction (noise reduction for softer sounds, computer fans, fridges etc)
  • 10 channel HD Locator (10 channels of directionality)
  • Telephone flexibility including Phone +
  • Interear Zen (helps to deliver relief from tinnitus)
  • Unique Audibility Extender (brings frequencies that you can't hear back into your residual hearing)
  • Wireless connectivity: TV Dex, Phone Dex, Uni-Dex, FM-Dex, RC-Dex, Call-Dex, and Com-Dex.

Sound Processing

As is normal with Widex, the Unique 330 is a 10 channel aid utilising Widex's U-platform chip that the whole Unique range are built on. The 330 uses the new Sound Class Technology  feature but the aids are restricted to five possible environmental types, again, the aim is to always maximise speech sounds when they are present and comfort when they are not. In the 330 the feature is inter ear which allows the hearing aids to make decisions as a pair.

InterEar (IE) technology

IE technology allows both hearing aids to act as one system through the instantaneous wireless exchange of information. Widex uses this technology in order that the hearing aids can act as a synchronised pair. The IE technology ensures the synchronization of the noise reduction feature, the sound class technology, the volume adjustments and program changes between the two aids.

Inter ear Speech Enhancer

This feature is always worth mentioning, the speech enhancer is an amazing noise reduction feature from Widex. Most noise reduction features actually just deliver comfort in noise. This one delivers both comfort and clarity, the inter ear feature gives it an even better edge. Both hearing aids communicate and decide as a pair how to apply the feature, this makes it smarter and better. 

Sound Class Technology

The aids can automatically detect and adapt in 5 different listening environments and focus on the most dominant speech signal detected in the environment. The feature is inter ear in the 330.


This feature is actually only available on a stand alone phone program, the signal from the hearing aid you are using close to the phone is streamed to both hearing aids to help you hear better.

Background noise reduction

The noise reduction in the Unique 330 is excellent and is suitable for all but the noisiest environments. However if you are really active with lots of exposure to quite noisy environments then you might want to think about the Unique 440.

Wider dynamic range of hearing

The 330 also has access to that wider dynamic range of hearing, they have also included the soft sound noise reduction so that you won't get annoyed by hearing the fridge buzzing away in the background.

Zen Tinnitus management

As with the previous two ranges of Widex hearing aids, the Zen tinnitus management features are available in the 330. 

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Widex began to introduce wireless hearing aid accessories several years ago with the Widex Clear Range. The devices are outstanding and typical of the quality ideals that Widex lives by. They have expanded the range over the last few years delivering ever more convenient ways to connect to your world. While Widex hearing aids are really fantastic pieces of kit, the wireless accessories are worth thinking about if you have specific problem areas where they may help. If your budget doesn't stretch to the higher end of the technology levels, the wireless accessories can really deliver fanatstic functionality. With the DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex it becomes easy for you to communicate with your:

  • Phone
  • TV
  • Remote Control
  • Other external audio devices


For communicating with other bluetooth enabled devices there is the new COM-DEX accessory, which is a bluetooth enabled pendant you hang around your neck. This will pair to your phone so that you can stream audio to your hearing aids from your phone, via the COM-DEX. You can also download an app for your smartphone (Apple or Android) which lets you use it to remotely control the hearing aids. Also available are the usual range of extra accessories for TV or audio equipment streaming.


Widex Uni Dex for Widex Hearing AidsThe all new UNI-DEX is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck, and you are ready to go.



The Widex M-DEX for Widex Hearing Aids

M-DEX offers wireless connectivity between hearing aids and a mobile phone, practically turning the hearing aids into wireless headsets.




The Widex TV-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsWith the TV-DEX you can enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aid




The Widex RC_DEX for Widex Hearing Aids


The RC-DEX is designed for basic wireless remote control of the hearing aids.





The Widex T-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsT-DEX gives you easy connection with mobile phones for hearing aids that aren't wireless. For use with all Widex hearing aids with a telecoil




The Widex PHONE-DEX for Widex Hearing AidsPHONE-DEX is a cordless phone that streams sound directly into your hearing aids. The PHONE-DEX is easy to hold and can be used as a regular phone as well