Our Mobile Unit Offers Hearing Screening Local To You

Hearing Tests & Hearing Information Across Ireland

Mobile unit offering free hearing tests across IrelandWe were at Super Valu in Dungloe County Donegal recently with our mobile hearing healthcare unit. A great day was had and we spoke to a lot of people in relation to hearing loss, hearing aids and the latest advances in wireless assistive devices for hearing loss. The mobile unit allows us to go out to communities all over Ireland to help raise awareness and answer questions about hearing loss and modern hearing aids.

Bringing Hearing Tests To Smaller Communities

We use the mobile unit to bring heasring tests and education to smaller communities across Ireland. Usually we will position ourselves in the center of the community in order that as many people as possible have the opportunity to receive a free hearing screening. The days are usually busy for us with a lot of questions fielded.

Looking For A Free Hearing Test ?

So if you are looking for a free hearing test, call us on 1800 848 888 to find out when the mobile unit is in your area. Alternatively we will book you an appointment at one of our hearing aid centres or clinics across Ireland.