New Year, New Hearing Aids?

New Year, New You, we hear it every year, but it is the time of year when we all start thinking about ways to better ourselves or improve our lives. We promise to be more active, change our eating habits, or stop doing something bad for us. Sometimes, we even keep some of those promises. For people with hearing aids, their thoughts may turn to their devices and perhaps if it is time to get new ones.

Worn Electronics

Perhaps you feel they aren't performing as well as they used to, they just aren't delivering everything you need? Your hearing instruments age and sometimes indeed get outdated. This happens for varied reasons, wear and tear, how well it has been cleaned and maintained, the electronics becoming less efficient. Over time, hearing aids, just like any other electronic device just don't work quite as well as they once did.

There may also be changes in your ability to hear that just aren't reflected by the hearing aids you wear. Changes in your lifestyle may also highlight room for improvement in your hearing instruments. New working habits, new pastimes, a change in work colleagues or retirement groups, will all deliver new challenges that your current hearing aids can't overcome.

Newer technology

Newer technology becomes available as time passes and those changes in technology may better help you to overcome difficulties with telephones or groups. With newer technology changes in the size of the aids is common. For most people, that may not matter, but smaller, lighter hearing aids are always welcome, especially when wearing masks.

At Connect Hearing, we offer an in-depth hearing test. We don’t just simply check your hearing ability. We also test the impact of your ability to hear on how well you hear speech, and most importantly, speech in noise. Our new tests allow us to assess your ability to listen in background noise and help us to understand which manufacturers may suit your hearing needs best. Because every manufacturer offers something different.

We are dedicated to delivering the very best solutions for the people we serve. That’s why we offer solutions from 8 different hearing instrument manufacturers. Each of those manufacturers offer unique elements that allow us to better match the solution to the person who needs it. We are the only company of audiologists that have such a wide variety, and that’s why you can be sure that you will get the best recommendation for you.

Have your hearing assessed comprehensively and professionally at Connect Hearing and see what is new. To find out more just click on the link