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Worried A Friend Or Loved One Has Hearing Loss?

Unlike a broken arm or a bruised body, hearing loss can be quite difficult for someone who suffers it to recognize. This is because of the nature of the onset of hearing loss, it is rarely sudden, and often develops gradually. Quite often the very last person to realize they have hearing loss is the person suffering with it. A hearing loss happens over many years in a slow and almost insidious manner. Because of this slow process and the slow change in a person's terms of reference. It can be many years before someone realizes that they have a hearing loss.

Hearing Loss More Apparent To You

Hearing loss is unlike sight loss, when you have problems with your sight, you know it immediately. However when you cannot hear a sound, it simply no longer exists for you. Hearing loss is often more apparent for the people around the person suffering. For this reason, the people involved with a person with hearing loss are key players in helping them overcome hearing loss. But how can you tell if they are having trouble hearing?

The Seven Signs Of Hearing Loss

There are seven clear signs that a person may be suffering with hearing loss. We will detail them here and explain the background to the causes of them

  • Difficulty understanding people, especially in crowded places like bars or restaurants
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • The need to have instructions repeated
  • A high volume level on the TV or stereo
  • Difficulty hearing telephone conversations
  • Difficulty when people are speaking in another room

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