Meet The Brand New Oticon Real Hearing Aid Range

Oticon has announced the launch of its latest flagship hearing aid, Oticon Real™, which runs on its new Polaris R™ chip platform. They say that it features its RealSound™ technology building upon its predecessor Oticon More™. It is designed to give users a full spectrum of sounds in different environments.

It also has completely new technology designed to guard against sudden disruptive signals, such as wind noise and many of the other real sounds of life. With this new tech, Oticon Real provides a more comfortable and sharper perception of sound in the real world.

Oticon say "Oticon Real is powered by Polaris R™ and RealSound Technology™. It builds on the technology in Oticon More™ by giving patients access to all relevant sounds, in balance, with exceptional detail and clarity. Oticon Real also includes new technologies that balance sudden disruptive sounds and clean up wind and handling noise, so patients can be comfortable and stay sharp in the real world".

They said "More than 7 out of 10 hearing aid users are challenged by disruptive sounds, making it difficult to stay sharp and focused, especially when engaged in conversation. By protecting users from disruptive sounds, Oticon Real significantly reduces listening effort in the presence of sudden sounds so patients can stay comfortable and focused. Oticon Real represents the next step in BrainHearing™ technology, providing access to all relevant sounds with outstanding detail, clarity, and balance.”

Four Device Types, Three Technology Levels

The new Real platform will be available in four device types, two RITEs (Receiver In The Ear) and two BTEs (Behind The Ear) across three technology levels. The devices are designed to cover hearing loss from mild, to profound. The aids initially offered will be a rechargeable miniRITE and miniBTE rechargeable and a traditional size 312 battery-powered miniRITE and BTE. Interestingly, all of the models will have telecoils so you can have access to loop technology in any public place equipped with it. Many hearing device manufacturers just offer one or two devices with telecoils onboard. Oticon obviously believes that it is an excellent feature to offer. We would agree. Loop technology may be old, but it is still an outstanding, universal streaming tech that is available in many theatres, cinemas, public buildings and concert halls.

Full Day on One Charge

The rechargeable miniRITE/BTE versions should easily give you a full day of battery life with a full charge. While the size 312 disposable battery versions should last around a week before a battery change is required, depending on how much you stream audio. Speaking of streaming audio, they feature Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) technology with an excellent range of connectivity options, including hands-free calls on select iPhone® and iPad®** and seamless connection to most modern Android phones.

Two Chargers

The miniRITE R and miniBTE R each come with two different options for chargers: the Desktop Charger or the SmartCharger. The SmartCharger is an interesting device which comes with an onboard battery pack that offers a couple of days' charge on the go without having to connect it to a wall socket. Oticon Real also offers tinnitus SoundSupport. While the new Oticon Companion app is the main control centre for the aids, they also come with manual push-button control for changing volume and programme if your professional has set some up. 

Brain Hearing & Oticon's Deep Neural Network

Real hearing aids, like More before them, incorporate Oticon’s BrainHearing™ design philosophy to give the brain enhanced detail, clarity, and balance in sound. Real also uses the Oticon’s onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN) system which has been trained to identify 12 million real-life sounds and optimise the hearing aids based on it. The new RealSound™ technology, powered by the new Polaris R chip platform, features additional detectors for fast and precise processing of disruptive sounds and wind, as well as handling noise. Oticon talks about two new innovations made possible with this technology: SuddenSound Stabilizer and the Wind & Handling Stabilizer.

Sudden Sound Stabiliser

Oticon says that their new SuddenSound Stabiliser uses the updated DNN system to monitor the sound environment and adapt the device's amplification to keep both soft and loud sudden sounds available, but balanced, and comfortable. They say that it reduces listening effort by 22% in the presence of sudden sounds instantly changing amplification as the sounds occur.  However, it keeps it comfortable while not compromising the all-important access to speech.

Wind & Handling Stabiliser

Oticon says that "Wind can often cause disruptions and unpleasant sounds in hearing aids." They aren't wrong, if someone is an active, outdoors type, wind noise can be a huge bugbear.  Other sounds like hands, hair, or glasses touching the hearing aid microphones, can also be very irritating. Oticon Real hearing aids protect against uncomfortable wind and handling noise with technology that they say detects and cleans up wind, and handling noise a very impressive 500 times per second. This should make the Real devices a more comfortable listening experience, with better access to speech in windy environments. They say that the new system significantly outperforms their top competitors.

Companion App

The new Oticon Companion app is an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily control and personalize their hearing aids. It offers the support users need to easily control and personalize their hearing aids, find their hearing aids if lost, manage their connected devices, and receive remote counselling when needed.

SpeechBooster can be used to reduce background noise and enhance speech when in conversation and the streaming equalizer is applied to create a personalized listening experience. The app can also be used to handle wireless accessories paired with their hearing aids and control multiple TV Adapters or devices, such as Oticon EduMic or ConnectClip which can be used both for streaming and as a remote microphone.

The available wireless accessories for the Real platform are:

  • ConnectClip: the device works as a remote microphone, a remote control, and can even turn the hearing aids into a wireless headset. Enables streaming from any Bluetooth device and enables comfortable hands-free calls
  • TV Adapter:  the  device streams sound from the TV directly to the hearing aids
  • Remote Control: the device adjusts volume, switches program, or mutes the hearing aids with the touch of a button
  • EduMic: the device can be used as a remote microphone or to stream audio from computers, tablets, and more


We have found Oticon More hearing aids to be outstanding hearing devices and many of our customers get on exceptionally well. I expect the new Oticon Real platform to be even better, if you are interested in the new Real range, or if you are looking for a hearing test, call us on 1800 848 888 to book your appointment.