Hearing Aids For Profound Users

Widex introduces new power hearing aid in Ireland

If you have severe-to-profound hearing loss, it is essential that your hearing aids have a lot of power. That they deliver a lot of output, but power or output alone does not provide great sound. The new FASHION POWER hearing aid from Widex has enough power to help someone with even profound hearing loss hear in any listening situation while delivering the incredible sound quality you would expect from the most advanced technology available.

With FASHION POWER, you can enjoy richer sound without any distortion, hearing more detail from the world around you. As with other hearing aids from the Dream range, ou can enjoy conversations even in the noisiest of situations, all with natural, true-to-life sound.The Fashion will be available in our hearing centres in Stillorgan and Fairview, Dublin, Ardee & Letterkenny.



fashion Power hearing aidsFASHION POWER is designed to be easy for you to use. Its failsafe technology lets you simply focus on listening, while the hearing aid automatically does the rest.

But doesn't all that power use a lot of batteries? No! FASHION POWER has a very smart special feature called PowerSaver that conserves ebergy during use, allowing you to enjoy your hearing aid for longer periods of time without changing the batteries.

Allowing you to get on with the enjoyment of hearing without worry.





Dex hearing aid accessory familyIf you want to talk on the phone or watch television, FASHION POWER makes that easy too. as part of the Dream family it has Widex now famous wireless link. 

the Fashion Power works seamlessly with the DEX assistive listening devices so you can stream audio directly to your hearing aids without any echo or delay from any of the Dex devices. 

Giving you the ability to talk on your mobile phone, listen to your TV and talk to people on your landline, completely hassle free with the best possible reception. So if you are interested in Widex hearing aids in Dublin or across Ireland, why don't you give us a call at 1800 848 888 and we can book you an appointment.