Suffering From Tinnitus, You Can Get Relief

Zen2Go & Tinnitus Relief

The Widex solution for people with tinitus and no accompanying hearing loss

Is your tinnitus causing you problems? Frustrated with that ringing noise and looking for some peace? 

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Well if you are, we think that we may have the solution for you, the Widex Zen feature is proven to give relief from tinnitus. Zen is available on Widex hearing aids and on a totally new concept device for tinnitus relief without hearing loss, The Widex Zen2Go.

Get efficient and proven relief from your tinnitus

Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom resulting from a range of underlying causes. When you suffer from tinnitus, you perceive certain sounds that are generated by the nervous system of the ear and brain. The cause of tinnitus is not fully known and at present no medical treatment exists that can cure it. The sounds are often characterised as hissing, ringing, buzzing, humming or the like. Tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss, however, in some cases that is not the case. Traditional devices are not great for people with Tinnitus and no hearing loss, Widex has introduced the Zen2Go as a dedicated treatment option for these people. 

A new concept in Tinnitus Treatment

ZEN2GO is a completely new concept in tinnitus management, it is a tinnitus management device that plays random, soothing harmonic tones that Widex calls Zen. Zen, a special tinnitus management technology also known as fractal technology, is combined with the latest in hearing aid innovation from this prestigious manufacturer. The end result is to give you more sound, more words, a more natural listening experience and the opportunity to get relief from tinnitus.Placed in the ear it is designed to help you relax and reduce stress, taking away the frustration you feel and thereby reducing the impact of your tinnitus.

Get relief from your tinnitus with a proven treatment


ZEN2GO comes in one box that contains everything you need

  • A pair of ZEN2GO devices
  • A matched RC-DEX
  • User instructions for ZEN2GO and RC-DEX
  • Cleaning tools and extra ear-tips

Take control of your tinnitus today:

Widex Zen 2 Go devices for Tinnitus ReliefCounselling with an experienced hearing healthcare professional trained in managing tinnitus improves your chances of success in regaining your quality of life. Widex has put a massive amount of effort and resources to ensure that hearing care professionals are well equipped with a new counselling method for tinnitus sufferers, the unique Widex Zen Therapy. A therapy model that we at Connect Hearing use in our hearing centres in Stillorgan and Fairview, Dublin, Ardee & Letterkenny. You can find out more about our tinnitus therapy protocal and Widex Zen here.

Widex Zen Therapy, combined with ZEN2GO, can help you gain control your tinnitus.

If you are looking for more information on the Zen2Go devices, tinnitus therapy or a hearing test in Dublin, please give us a call on 1800 848 888 to book your appointment.