AfterShokz Trekz wireless headphones available at Connect Hearing Across Ireland

Ideal Headphones For Cyclists

We have now begun to sell the AfterShokz Trekz wired and wireless bone conduction headphones at Connect Hearing. The systems are outstanding, offering quality audio while still allowing situational awareness. It means they are ideal for runners, cyclists, for anyone who wants to listen to their music on the go and needs to be aware of their surroundings. 

Ideal Headphones For Runners

The lightweight and comfortable Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds. Bone conduction technology, an open ear design and a suite of convenient features deliver premium music play and crystal clear calls without compromise. Designed with athletes in mind, Trekz Titanium are sweatproof, secure, and will allow you to hear your surroundings - no matter where life takes you.

Ideal Headphones For Anyone Who Spends Time Outdoors

For the more sedentary of us they offer outstanding audio without compromising your situational awareness. Listen to your music without getting squashed flat by a passing truck! Take calls without losing your awareness of what is going on around you. 

Bone conduction sound

The AfterShokz Way

Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process—sound travels through our eardrums and bones simultaneously. AfterShokz have taken the concept to the next level through development of a suite of proprietary audio technologies and design patents. The result: headphones that deliver unrivaled situational awareness and comfort by using the bone conduction of sound


Specially designed transducers guide mini vibrations through the cheekbones to the inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering your outer ears, meaning that you always have full situational awareness, ideal for cyclists and runners. Take a look at our AfterShokz page here.