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Unitron was founded by Fred Stork, Rolf Strothman and Rolf Dohmer in Newfoundland Canada. They established Unitron Industries as Canada's first hearing aid manufacturer soon after moving it to Kitchener, Ontario. By 1969 Unitron was offering it's hearing aids internationally to markets worldwide. They have grown from strength to strength since then and have become known for some particularly innovative strategies. 

Unitron hearing aids are considered to be a lower cost alternative to Phonak. The technologies used by the two companies are similar but not entirely the same. Unitron launched the uHear™, which was the first self-administered hearing screening test for the iPhone™, iPod touch® and iPad®. In it’s first year, this application was downloaded over half a million times. Unitron products represent excellent value for money and superb sound quality. The full range of Unitron hearing aids are available in our hearing aid centres in Stillorgan and Fairview, Dublin, and Ardee & Letterkenny and clinics across Ireland.

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The NEW platform from Unitron, North™, brings patients closer to natural hearing and addresses their number-one desire: understanding conversations in a wide range of situations

The North Platform From Unitron

Unitron has recently launched the North™ platform, its newest ground-breaking sound processing platform that can distinguish between different types of conversation. North’s SoundNav™ technology automatically identifies and classifies seven distinct sound environments. Four of them are focused specifically on conversation. 

Clear Conversation in Every Situation

Conversations don’t just occur in quiet situations nor in simple noise. Background noise varies greatly depending on whether the listener is in small groups, at large events, in the car or on the street. The technologies in the new platform work together in harmony so that users experience the best speech understanding along with natural sound quality, in the widest variety of situations automatically.

Unitron Stride, A Hearing Device To Suit Every Taste

The new Stride family of behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles has style choices to satisfy every need, and technology that lets you focus on conversations like never before. Stride is the name of the new full range family of hearing aids from Unitron, the family has a full range of Behind The Ear and In The Ear hearing aid styles. 

Stride P hearing aid Stride P Dura hearing aid

The technology in the Stride family is based on the new North platform, they haven't settled on introducing a new platform though. New advances in custom hearing aid design has allowed them to introduce even smaller custom hearing aids with more features. 

Unitron Stride custom hearing aids

New Hearing Instrument Design

Unitron Mox-fit hearing aidAlong with the launch of the North platform, Unitron has announced it is introducing a new generation of its popular receiver-in-canal (RIC) Moxi™ hearing instruments. The all-new Moxi Fit™ continues the design principles used to deliver the Moxi design. It has a fluid new look, giving users the perfect combination of style and functionality with a 312 battery, push button and telecoil.  Moxi Fit joins Moxi Kiss™ and Moxi Dura™, all available in five technology levels and all built on the North platform.

The new Moxi hearing instruments on the North platform are fully integrated with Unitron’s industry-leading Flex:trial™ program, which allows us to demonstrate to patients exactly what they are interested in buying.

New Logging Feature  

They have also introduced Log It All™, an industry first data logging feature that captures and displays a user’s real life experiences with their hearing instruments across seven environments regardless of the technology level of the hearing aid. This gives us the ability to measure the performance of your hearing instruments in everyday use, as well as during trial and upgrade situations. It helps us explain the benefits of different technology levels in a personal way. It also allows us to deliver fine tuning in a more focused way.   

Unitron Moxi² and Quantum² Pro Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids at Connect Hearing Ireland

In nature, two ears must work together to truly know the direction of speech. In hearing instruments, the same principle applies. The only way for hearing instruments to reliably determine the direction of speech is for them to continuously work together, analysing the surrounding sound environment. Moxi² Pro and Quantum² Pro hearing aids do this through a feature called binaural spatial processing. Seamless automatic performance plus the innovative technologies in the next generation Pro hearing instruments ensure that you effortlessly experience incredible natural sound, less distraction from everyday noises, and superior speech understanding, even when the environment is very noisy.

All of this just happens, everywhere they go, all day long. Listening doesn’t get much better than this. The 4-destination Automatic Program in Pro works with SmartFocus™ 2 to provide easier, better listening in all situations. Speech sounds clearer in noise. Music has beautiful, rich tones. Distracting noises are minimized when it’s quiet. You experience the pleasure of natural listening, no adjustments required.

Unitron Moxi² Hearing Aids

Unitron Moxi2 hearing aid range at Connect Hearing IrelandMoxi² digital hearing aids offer enhanced technology at five levels, with the premium Pro option providing the ultimate listening experience in all sound environments. A choice between three RIC styles, including the inspired design of Moxi2 Kiss and the robust Moxi2 Dura, gives more flexibility to meet the unique needs and preferences of everyone. A complete set of features takes satisfaction even higher, with innovations that create the best first fit experience, all wrapped in the natural sound that only the Unitron can deliver.

From noisy restaurants to quieter conversations, and everything in between, Moxi² hearing aids deliver the natural sound quality that people prefer. You can choose between five levels of technology, each offering a mix of hearing aid types and features to go perfectly with your lifestyle. The Moxi² family is a Receiver In the Canal (RIC) hearing aid family. It has three device form factors and it also comes in varying levels of power giving real versatility and choice for the Consumer. Delivering comfortable listening and natural sound quality combined with better speech intelligibility in noise. These are the areas where the Moxi² family of hearing instruments provide features that will make a real difference to you. These technological advances deliver key benefits, providing greater satisfaction from day one and acceptance that lasts for the long term.

The Unitron Moxi² Dura is the all new super durable Moxi design. It features a size 13 battery, push button so you can change your programmes manually if you wish and a telecoil. The Unitron Moxi² Kiss is the most fluid and refined Moxi design with a 312 battery. The Unitron Moxi²the original is a fully featured Moxi with a 312 battery, push button so you can change your programmes manually if you wish and telecoil

Unitron Quantum² Hearing Aids

Unitron Quantum2 hearing aid range at Connect Hearing Ireland

Quantum² is the next step in high-fidelity, natural sound from Unitron. This next generation of digital hearing instruments includes Pro, the premium technology level that provides the ultimate listening experience in all sound environments. As a full line family Quantum is available in a complete lineup of ITEs and performance BTEs, Quantum² delivers a comprehensive set of features to provide natural listening and the best first fit experience from Unitron for you.

The move up in natural, comfortable listening that Quantum² delivers is powered by Era, the platform that makes great things happen. From noisy restaurants to quieter conversations, and everything in between, Quantum² hearing aids deliver the natural sound quality that people expect. Choose between one of five levels of technology, each offering a mix of hearing aid types and features to go perfectly with your lifestyle. The Quantum² family has both Behind The Ear and Custom devices and It also comes in varying levels of power giving exceptional versatility and choice for the Consumer.

Quantum² offers enhanced technology at five levels, with the premium Pro option providing the ultimate sound experience in all environments, automatically and without fuss. With a real choice between styles, the family gives more flexibility to meet the unique needs and preferences of every user. A complete set of features takes satisfaction even higher, with new Unitron innovations that create a fantastic first fit experience, quality sound and comfortable listening. Natural sound quality and better speech intelligibility in noise. These are the areas where the Quantum² family of hearing instruments provide features that will make a difference to you. These technological advances deliver key benefits, providing greater satisfaction from day one and acceptance that lasts for the long term.

Unitron Quantum² BTEs

The range of Quantum² BTE styles gives the versatility to meet most hearing losses. The Quantum² S is a super durable device taking a size 13 battery with push button and telecoil. The Quantum² HP High Power taking a size 13 battery, a push button, volume control and telecoil. there’s a Quantum² BTE that’s just right for you.

Unitron Quantum² ITEs

Choose from a complete range of Quantum² ITE styles, from the smallest micro CIC to Full shell. With a full complement of profiles and battery sizes, there’s a Quantum² ITE that’s just right for you.

Dust and water? Unitron hearing instruments can take it

Unitron hearing instruments pass IP ratings. The IP test is a third-party standardized protocol used to demonstrate the durability of a hearing instrument when exposed to dust and water. All of the Unitron BTE and RIC products have undergone and passed this rigorous IP testing.

Moxi² Dura and Quantum² S are rated IP67

These ratings give your patients the peace of mind that their Unitron hearing instruments will continue to perform as expected even when exposed to harsh elements. It is important to note that IP57 denotes water resistant - not waterproof. Hearing instruments should never be worn in the shower or swimming, however, this rating means that an accidental drop into the sink, getting caught in a rainstorm, or stepping into the shower for a moment with them on will not be detrimental to performance once the devices are thoroughly dried out.


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Unitron Wireless Accessories

Unitron Remote Control

Unitron remote control for Unitron hearing aids

This remote is perfect for those who want discreet, straightforward control over the essential features on their digital hearing instruments.

Smart Control Remote

Unitron Smart Control Remote for Unitron hearing aidsThis remote control lets you easily make a wide range of adjustments to your hearing aids, including comfort and clarity.

Micro CIC Remote

Unitron Micro CIC for Unitron hearing aidsThe pocket-sized micro CIC remote gives you a choic between adjusting your volume or switching programs.

uDirect 2

Unitron uDirect 2 for Unitron Hearing AidsThis hands free accessory provides wireless or wired connectivity to TVs, MP3s mobile phones, FM receivers and computers. The optional lapel microphone enables you to wear the uDirect 2 under a jacket and still enjoy clear phone conversations.

uTV 2

The Unitron uTV2 for Unitron hearing aidsThe uTV 2 accessory wirelessly sends audio from televisions, stereos and computers directly to both hearing instruments, through uDirect 2. It givesyou control over volume and acts as a charging and storage cradle for uDirect 2.


Unitron uMic for Unitron hearing aidsThis personal wireless microphone system lets you hear your companions more easily in challenging listening environments. Attach uMic using the built-in clip or lanyard loop and wirelessly send audio directly to both hearing instruments, through uDirect 2.

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