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Signia has launched a brand new platform that they are calling the Xperience range. The platform has several new features that many are excited about already. These were the first hearing aids to use Motion sensors to change how sound is presented. Let's take a look at both the devices and the features on offer.

New Model Designs, New App

Signia Xperience Styletto hearing aids

The Xperience platform offers several models, Receiver In Canal, Behind The Ear and In The Ear options. It also brings a brand new, all-in-one smartphone app offering greater convenience for users.

The Styletto

The Styletto is a rechargeable slim receiver in canal hearing aid. Coming in a range of styles the hearing aids are unique in shape, highly discreet and very modern looking. Signia says that Styletto's high-capacity power cell will allow for enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. This will enable you to enjoy high-quality, long-lasting stereo streaming of TV audio, music, and phone calls directly to both hearing aids.

You should be able to stream up to five hours of audio per day and still benefit from 16 hours of battery life before needing to recharge. So for a quick overview:

  • Up to 16 hours of battery life with 5 hours of streaming
  • Just 3 hours to fully charged
  • 30 mins of charging gives 6 hours of use
  • Easy wireless charging, drop them in the charger and voila
  • Made For iPhone, Direct connection to iPhone
  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity

The Silk

Signia have had instant fit custom hearing aids in the past, however, they say that Silk is the first completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid that’s both almost invisible and ready to wear. The Silk is available on the Xperience chipset and is designed to fit up to 80% of all ear canals. While the device is labelled a CIC, for some lucky people it is an invisible hearing aid.

The device is a modular type hearing aid that uses a flexible Click Sleeve to provide an immediate and comfortable fit. There are several sizes of click sleeves to fit as many ears as possible.

Signia Silk

Instant Fit Invisible Hearing Aid (almost)

The Click Sleeves are made of soft silicone and are available in six different types which allow the device to fit in the majority of ear canals and to fit the majority of hearing losses. The hearing aid sits quite deep in the canal making the device either invisible or almost invisible.

Because Silk is powered by Signia’s Xperience platform, users of the device can benefit from all of the outstanding features of that platform including their binaural OneMic directionality system and many of the other features that the chipset offers.

Those Motion Sensors

They say that the new platform introduces the world’s first combination of advanced acoustic sensors with a built-in motion sensor. The hearing aids will be used to provide a more complete analysis of the wearer’s dynamic soundscape. They say that the new system will allow for automatic adjustments between sounds in front of and all around the wearer for a more personalized listening experience. In essence, they are saying that they use the motion sensors along with their new analysis system to give users more access to the sounds around them without compromising on clarity.

Signia has been down this route before, but the original system used the sensors on a connected smartphone to deliver more data points to the analysis and processing system. Many hearing aid wearers have an active lifestyle that involves walking, cycling and even running. But no hearing aids take the movement of the user into account when the management system decides how to help them hear better.

It means that most hearing aids don't necessarily adapt well as the wearer moves around, especially so in complex sound environments. Signia say that the Xperience platform, built upon YourSound technology, was developed to fill this crucial gap and respond to rapid changes in the wearer’s environment and their movement.

The Benefits

With the new YourSound technology, Signia Xperience hearing aids have access to more variables. It is a simple equation, the more you know about the variables in a situation, the better you can plan to deal with them. The same can be said about hearing aids that provide the best sound possible. Signia say that the built-in motion sensor will allow them to take into consideration how the wearer’s movement affects their hearing in each situation.

They have also introduced a new technology which means the hearing aids no longer have to decide between focusing on what is directly in front of the wearer or in the general surroundings. The new system offers the wearer a more natural experience. They can continue benefit from the proper amount of frontal focus, while still being able to hear the relevant speech from other directions.

Signia say the three key features of YourSound technology are:

  • Acoustic-motion sensors for a complete analysis of each wearer’s dynamic soundscape
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing for natural sound and speech from any direction, in any situation – even when moving
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP™) for a natural sounding own voice


The New App


Pure X with app

The new Signia app combines three existing Signia apps into one unified easy to use app that should meet user’s needs, including:

  • Providing wearers with direct support from a hearing care professional
  • Remote control so the wearer can personalize their hearing experience
  • Easy management of streaming accessories to fully enjoy phone calls, music, and TV


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