A Happy User of Hearing Aids in Sligo

The Difference Well Fitted Hearing Aids Make

It is nice for us to get positive feedback from our customers, we see it as a validation of the service and care that we offer. Sometimes, like recently, it is also a reminder of the difference that well-fitted hearing aids make to someone's life. One of our customers from Sligo recently sent us a letter of thanks, he is a long-term user and he has been one of our customers since mid-2014. Here is what he said:

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great care of me over the last three years, and for recommending the Phonak Q70 hearing aids in Agust 2014. They have made an enormous difference to my life, and I remember every morning the difference they have made as I wait for my ears to dry out after showering and the difficulty I have hearing my wife.

When I insert them for the day I find the crisp and sharp sound clarity they give me is brilliant. The additional hearing comfort that I have when attending meetings, concerts, theatre and noisy gatherings is huge and makes life very meaningful indeed. I know that I will never have full, natural hearing again, but I am delighted with the Phonak set you recommended, and I look forward to our continued relationship in the coming years.

With many thanks and every good wish for the future

Lloyd Sweetnam

Living Life

The letter reminded us that often what we do is help our customers live a normal life, we ensure that they can engage in the social events and pursuits that they hold important. As I said, it is a validation of the care and service that we offer, however, more importantly, it reminds us that our job is to help people communicate, to ensure that hearing loss does not hold people back from living a full and active life.

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