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Oticon Hearing AidsAt Connect Hearing we are fully aware of the problems that some hearing aid users suffer with even after acquiring hearing aids. Despite the massive breakthrough developments in digital hearing aid technology, a significantly high percentage of existing users still report that they are unhappy with their hearing aids. Studies have shown that this unhappiness may in fact be due to the way the hearing instrument has been fitted, and the aftercare support provided by the hearing healthcare professional.

These issues highlight the fact that buying a digital hearing aid is only a part of your journey to better hearing. The ability of your hearing healthcare professional and the standards and protocols they follow are the key to releasing the full power of the hearing aids. Connect Hearing are committed to following the very highest standards of audiological and customer care. Thats why we were chosen as a Widex Approved Dispensing Centre. Recognition that we are committed to the best in Patient care, hearing aid delivery and provision of aftercare. 

So you can be sure that you are in good hands

Commited To Delivering Best Practice Hearing Healthcare

A friendly reception at Connect HearingWe believe that everyone deserves the pleasures of life that better hearing delivers. We know that better hearing is much more than just getting hearing aids. Better hearing is delivered through well fitted and verified hearing aids. Better hearing is then maintained through provider commitment and excellent levels of Patient after-care.

In order to deliver better hearing we use internationally accepted, best practice and in-depth medical testing and assessment procedure. We combine this with the very best hearing aids available which we verify at every fit. Then we deliver in-depth rehabilitation programmes and strong Patient after-care.

Have Confidence In Us

At Connect Hearing we know that hearing aids are just the start, the best hearing aid in the world won't help you enough unless it has been fitted correctly. We understand this clearly and it has influenced us greatly in how we undertake our Practice. From the equipment we use, through our testing and fitting processes to the ongoing after care we offer. This is why we have invested so heavily in state of the art equipment in order that we can deliver a premium experience and the results You expect in our hearing centres in Stillorgan and Fairview, Dublin, and Ardee & Letterkenny and clinics across Ireland.

The Best Equipment

Angela, Audiologist at Connect HearingWe use the the best hearing testing and  hearing aid fitting equipment available. We have invested in this equipment because it will deliver the experience and benefit that you need. We also use the best available hearing aids from the best global manufacturers. You can be sure that we offer you a solution it is the best solution available from that hearing aid manufacturer. 

Unbiased Choices

As an independent hearing healthcare provider, we have total freedom to use any of the best hearing aid manufacturer's products. This ensures that we can provide you with truly the best hearing aid solution for your hearing profile. Our selection of brands and manufacturers is based on YOUR individual needs, not a hidden agenda of selling one brand over another for business agreements. We help to find the right hearing technology for you, at the most economical price.

A Truly High Standard Of Care

We continually strive to use the latest technology in diagnostic equipment. We invest in high quality performance so that we are constantly on the cutting edge. We use the latest protocols for testing and verification. Using computer-based audiological equipment keeps us efficient, accurate, and quick. Using networked systems means that access to your records is always at our fingertips and scanned secured records means that your records are always to hand and secure.

A Relationship, Not A Sale

Independent Hearing careAt Connect Hearing, developing relationships over time with our customers is one of our main goals. We look at our customers as collaborators on the journey to better hearing.

We are committed to ensuring that you have the best experience possible and we consistently deliver this experience. Thats why our Patients consistently return to us again and again. 


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Connect Hearing have reconnected me to my surroundings. Being part of the crowd is now wonderful. Before I was on the side-line trying to keep up with the conversation and desperately trying to make those around me know I was interested in what they were saying. The after care and service is first class, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Connect Hearing as ‘THE PLACE’ to go and get your hearing checked

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