Free Ear Wax Removal in Stillorgan During April

Ears Plugged? We Can Help

We are running another of our free ear wax removal campaigns for over sixties during April in our Stillorgan hearing aid store. So if you think that you may have a problem with ear wax build up, why don't you give us a call and book an appointment?

Use some Earol Before You Come

Earwax removal is a far easier process when the person uses an oil to soften the earwax and condition the skin of the ear canal. Some people just use warmed olive oil, some people use ear drops from the chemist. We have always found that the best oil to use is one that comes in a spray bottle, rather than drops. 

Earol Earwax Oil SprayA Spray Seems To Be Always Better

The spray types do a far better job at penetrating the ear wax build up. The spray atomises the oil in the canal so it gets everywhere. The other advantage is that you don't need to lie down for ten minutes for it to do it's work. For drops to really work you must immobile so you can keep it in the ear against the wax. There are no such limitations with the spray. We sell earol at our hearing aid centres, it is contained in a handy little spray container and in my experience it works fantastically well. 

However, I think any oil will probably do once it is in spray form. If you can't find any in the chemist near you, give us a call on 1800 848 888 and we can arrange to send some out to you.

We can always tell when someone has being using oil correctly, once we look in the ear it is obvious that the earwax is wet and gooey. The easier the ear wax is to remove, the better the better the experience will be for you. 

Dry hard earwax isn't easy to remove, the first ten or fifteen minutes is relly spent wetting it and breaking it away slowly if at all. Whereas when the earwax is the right consistency, it basically just breaks up and washes out quickly. Even if the central plug is still hard if the outer edges of it around the canal wall have been softened it can just wash out in one lump.

While our free ear wax removal event is in South Dublin, we offer safe and comfortable ear wax removal in all of our hearing aid centres across Ireland, just give us a call to find out where your nearest one is.

Free ear wax removal for April in Stillorgan