Your Hearing Aid Maintenance Routine

Drying Your Hearing Aids To Keep Them Tip Top

A good clean and care routine for your hearing aids is important to keep them in tip top shape. A regular maintenance routine will pay off for you in real money terms by reducing the amount of breakdowns you face as your hearing aids age. As a part of that regualr clean and care schedule it’s important to include the drying of your hearing devices. During the day as you use them, moisture can build up on the inside of the hearing aids, especially on the inside of custom hearing aids. This moisture build up will cause problems with your devices over the years and the best way to to dry them out is to use a drying device.

There are many types of hearing aid drying devices, but our friends from Widex have introduced an excellent solution to this problem

The Widex DRY-GO UV™

Widex has introduced an excellent solution for just that. The Widex DRY-GO UV™ station will not just dry out your hearing aids, it will also clean them using UV light. DRY-GO UV™ will help your hearing aids to perform at their very best for longer. It's easy to use and will driy and sanitize your hearing aids and earmoulds in just 3 hours. The daily use of the device will help with improved acoustic performance and better reliability for your hearing aid. It will also result in better ear hygiene for you. 

Here’s how it works:

Completely Portable Option

The drying station is energy efficient and can be powered by a standard electrical socket or a simple USB connection for greater portability. The DRY-GO UV™ comes with it's own travel case making it completely portable, meaning that even when you travel you can continue to protect your hearing investment and enjoy greater peace of mind. The device will go through it's cleaning and drying cycle and turn itself off when it is finished. 

A drying station makes real sense for you, in the long term it can help reduce your costs for repair of your hearing aids. More importantly for you, it can keep your hearing aids working at their best and reduce the amount of time that you are without your hearing aids because of a failure. If you are interested in the DRY-GO UV™ or any other drying solution for your hearing aids, call us on 0800 848 888 and we can arrange delivery to you.