A Hearing Aid Guide in Plain English

We understand that when you are trying to make decisions about hearing aids that it can be a very difficult process. Initially it can be just coming to terms with the loss. However, when that has been managed and you decide to move forward, it can be very difficult. Hearing aids are very technical devices, in fact the different technologies that have become available are exactly why hearing aids are a better option than ever. How are you to get a handle on that technology? Most of the stuff is in complete techno babble, in fact we have to carefully check that we don't fall into the trap of using it. 

Cutting through the techno babble

So we decided that we would write a hearing aid guide that cut through the techno babble, a guide that explain in plain language the following

  • The different types of hearing aids, the pros and cons
  • The technology levels of hearing aids and what they will do in your life
  • Hearing aid features, what they do and what benefits to expect


We are using it for our customers, but we thought you might like it too. so click on the image below and you will get a pdf copy. Save it to your computer or phone and read it at your leisure. Share it with anyone you think may benefit. 

the plain speaking hearing aid guide


If you have any questions, or you would like a hearing test in Dublin or acrioss Ireland, call us on 1800 848 888 to book an appointment now.