Hearing Aids, How You Feel About Them Could Be Damaging Your Health

The Way You Think About Hearing Care Can Affect Your Overall Health

Many people never spare a thought for their hearing health, generally it never registers on their mind until there is a problem. Then it is often something that is treated with denial. Hearing loss is inexorably entwined with getting old in the minds of many. That is not the case of course, in fact recent research has shown that with the explosion of personal music players hearing loss is becoming a problem at ever younger ages. 

Hearing Aids Keep You Young

Hearing aids, when many hear those words they nearly immediately associate them with someone who is old, infirm. It just isn't the case, hearing aids actually help keep you young by allowing you to live your life to the fullest. However, many people still have issues around wearing hearing aids and hearing loss in general. Stigma, is the word we use, it isn't stigma, it is self talk, your attitude to hearing aids and hearing loss is based on what you tell yourself. Most people won't even realise you are wearing hearing aids. BUT, they will realise that you have untreated hearing loss if you don't! 

Hearing Aids Can Help To Keep You Healthy

There are a lot of studies that tell us that untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression, anxiety and frustration. It can put huge strain on relationships with family and friends and lead to the collapse of someone's social engagement. Untreated hearing loss is also being linked to neuro cognitive decline and associated diseases like dementia. We know that good hearing is important to maintaining quality of life, including healthy cognitive function. Having regular hearing healthcare check ups and then treating your hearing loss with hearing aids when you need to makes sense. 

Regular Hearing Healthcare Check Ups

The upsides of regular hearing health care checks are obvious. If and when hearing loss is detected, there are many modern, discreet hearing solutions available that will allow you to keep healthy and engaged. Today’s hearing solutions feature innovative sound processing that make it easier to join in conversation and enjoy the world of sounds around us. Research from the National Council on Aging in the US demonstrates that when people address their hearing loss, the improvements in social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being can be impressive. We know that those changes can be life-altering potential, it just makes good sense for people to make hearing care part of their regular health check-ups. if you would like a hearing test, or if you wish to discuss hearing aids in Dublin or across Ireland, come and see us in in our hearing aid centres in Dublin at Stillorgan and FairviewArdee & Letterkenny and clinics across Ireland.