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The Oticon Nera2 Pro Hearing Aids

Nera2 BannerOticon is one of the primary hearing aid manufacturers that we use for our customers, they offer a full range of hearing aid models that deliver high technology and power to treat most hearing losses. Last year they updated their BrainHearing technology and delivered a whole new range of technology levels. We have discussed the Alta2 Pro already and this time we want to focus on the Nera2 Pro. 

Oticon's Best Ever Mid Range Solution

The Nera2 Pro digital hearing aid range is simply the best ever mid range solution that Oticon have ever offered. The range is packed with advanced features that they would normally reserve for their premium range devices. The Nera2 Pro comes in a wide range of custom In The Ear (ITE) models, Behind The Ear (BTE) models and Receiver In The Ear (RITE) models with a great choice of colour options. The new design RITE  and (IIC) styles are also available in the Nera range. Nera2 Pro has the expanded range of custom (ITE) hearing aids, giving you the full choice of a fitted discreet solution that will hide in your ears.

The Nera2 Pro is the advanced level hearing device range in Oticon's new Inium Sense processing platform. The Hearing aid types include:

Invisible In Canal (IIC), Completely In Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC), In The Ear (ITE) Design Receiver In The Ear (DesignRITE), mini Receiver In The Earl (miniRITE), Receiver In The Ear (RITE), mini Behind The Ear (miniBTE) and Behind The Ear (BTE)

Nera2 Pro hearing aids Ireland

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The ITC, ITE, RITE and BTE fittings have telecoil options, and the RITE, miniBTE and BTE have a volume control. These hearing aids are fully compatible with Oticon’s ConnectLine range of wireless hearing aid accessories. Let's take a look at the features and programs designed to help you to hear better in a variety of different situations.

16 channels controlled by 8 bands

The theory is that the more bands a hearing aid has, the clearer the sound will be. The bands are used to process sounds in the different frequency channels. It also means that your hearing aid can be programmed precisely to your level of hearing.

Noise Reduction

This feature helps to reduce the amount of non speech background noise you hear, making it easier to hear conversation and more comfortable in busy places.

Wind Noise Reduction

For better speech clarity when you are outside, this feature reduces the effect of wind noise on your hearing. It is a handy feature if you like the outdoors. 

Inium Feedback Shield

Feedback is very annoying for hearing aid users, it is the squealing that often happens when the hearing aid gets close to something. This feature removes the sound of feedback before it becomes a problem, without distorting the other sounds around you.

BrainHearing Technology

This technology from Oticon manages the synchronisation processes and wireless communication between your hearing aids. It ensures that both hearing aids are always on the same programs and settings through binaural synchronisation. If you change the volume or setting on one hearing aid, the other will change automatically.

Binaural processing

Binaural processing ensures that sound processing and compression happen together, giving you greater spatial awareness and helping you work out sound direction. It ensures that you receive the most natural sound possible which allows the natural power of your brain to work at its best. 

Telephone program

The telephone program streams the sound of a phone call to both hearing aids at the same time so that you can hear the caller clearly, with fewer distractions in the room.

FreeFocus Advanced

FreeFocus Advanced gives you four direction settings for your microphones. This means that you can hear speech with greater clarity even if you cannot face the person who is speaking. It also helps to reduce the effect of background noise.

YouMatic Advanced

This program gives you three listening profiles which can be tailored to your needs for different situations.

Soft Speech Booster

In quiet environments, people naturally speak more quietly, this can make it even more difficult to hear the softer speech sounds at the higher frequencies. This program enhances these speech sounds and amplifies them to make speech understanding easier. This feature can adapt to your environment so that a sudden increase in noise doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Tinnitus Sound Support

This program helps to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus by playing soothing sounds. Using the Sound App from the Apple store along with the ConnectLine Streamer Pro, you can also choose which tinnitus settings you prefer. There are also two relaxation programs to help with the stress of living with tinnitus.

VC Learning

These hearing aids are able to remember your favourite settings and apply them, so you don’t need to fiddle with your settings too often. That means that the hearing aids deliver better personalised sound to you over time. 

Adaptation Manager

Helping you to get used to your new hearing aids, this program gradually increases the volume over time, so that your hearing is always at a comfortable level for you.

Wireless Connectivity

Helps to experience better connections with people, information and entertainment. Phone communication – breaks down the barriers to phone communication. Incoming calls can be taken by simply pressing the dedicated phone button on the streamer, and the caller’s voice is streamed directly through the hearing instruments.

As you can see, the Nera2 Pro range is a highly advanced platform that offers real benefits for people with hearing loss. If you have any questions about this range or any of the other ranges of hearing aids we provide, don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 848 888 or book an appointment online. 

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