Wireless Hearing Aids, What Can They Do For You?

Wireless Hearing Aids Technology Can Help You in many situations

In the modern world, we’ve come to rely on mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices to keep us connected to our family, friends and workplace. These devices use signals that are transmitted through the air via receiving points, ultimately delivering messages to the recipient without wires. This technology has changed many things in our daily lives and hearing aids are no exception.

In recent years more and more hearing aid manufacturers have been introducing wireless hearing aids. The term wireless hearing aids in essence means that the hearing aids can communicate with each other and other devices via wirless communication protocols. Wireless Hearing Aids bring you direct access to the sound sources you want and need to hear. These Wireless Devices give you a direct line to your phones, tv, radio and other sound sources. They help you to focus on the sound you wish to hear while reducing the interference from other distracting noises.That means no more turning up the volume on the television, no more difficulties with your mobile phone, and no more missing out on the things you enjoy most.

The Benefits Of A Combined System

Wireless technology allows two hearing aids to operate together as a system, instead of acting as two independent devices. The sound input to both hearing aids is shared between them and decisions about the digital sound processing are based on that combined information. The data transfer rates for wireless hearing aids are measured in nanoseconds, which is much faster than human brain can detect. For the wearer, the adjustments are perceived in real time with no lag. Sound processing is therefore synchronised between the two hearing aids, improving efficacy and sound quality for the wearer.

More Convenience

Most wireless hearing aids are set up so that when a user pushes a program button or changes the volume control on one hearing device, the change is automatically implemented on the other side. This arrangement requires less space for buttons on each device and reduces the amount of required changes by half. When the volume or program needs to be adjusted, the user only needs to touch one hearing aid and be confident that the other hearing aid will change automatically to match.

How Wireless Technology Works

Wireless Hearing Aids interact with each other and other wireless devices, making interaction with television, music, and your mobile phone not just easier, but an enjoyable experience that you can hear. Here are some of the new ways wireless hearing aids will be able to help you:

  • Automatically stream your television, radio, computer, or MP3 player directly to your hearing aids with comfort and clarity like never before.
  • Experience a noticeable decrease in whistling and buzzing when interacting with your phone.
  • Enjoy a hands-free mobile phone experience by connecting directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth®
  • Transfer between devices without manually adjusting your hearing aids.

Next time you sit down to watch your favourite TV show, wouldn’t it be great to catch every punch line? Or have every business call be one you can clearly hear, no matter where you are? Wireless hearing aids and their associated devices can deliver these experiences to you. Wireless hearing aids from all of the best hearing aid manufacturers are available in our hearing aid centres in Stillorgan and Fairview, Dublin, Ardee & Letterkenny and clinics across Ireland. So if you are interested in hearing aids in Dublin or across Ireland or you would like a free hearing test, why don't you give us a call on 1800 848 888 or book your appointment online now.