Hearing Loss & Associated Health Consequences

Hearing loss is No Laughing Matter

Many people take hearing loss as a bit of a laugh. I blame the Two Ronnies & John Cleese for writing those sketches that always laughed at people with this problem. As a result I think that many people put themselves in the place of being laughed at if they were to wear a hearing instrument. This would be a dangerous error to make. I’ll explain why!

Untreated Hearing Loss & Brain Shrinkage

An extension to a study started in 1958 in Baltimore, U.S.A., tracked various health factors in a group of 126 people. They tracked these people for 10 years by carrying out an M.R.I. & a physical examination at regular intervals. At the beginning, 75 had normal hearing & 51 had some degree of hearing impairment. After 10 years, Dr Frank Linn discovered that the rates of brain atrophy, this is shrinkage in brain size, was greater & faster in those with untreated hearing impairment than those with normal hearing. This condition he associated with Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease. With this in mind there is an increased need for having your hearing tested regularly. Where hearing loss can’t be cured, it can be successfully treated.

Here’s how

Like all difficulties we encounter in life, the earlier we get to the source of the problem the earlier we can help to overcome the untreated side effects. The more hearing we lose, the less we are able to do. As hearing experts we can only work with what hearing a person has left. Glasses can’t help someone with no sight! So if you are looking for a hearing test in Donegal, call now or book your appointment online. 

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