Hearing Exhibiton at Heart & Stroke Conference Dublin

Irish Heart Foundation Stroke Conference DublinWe attended the Irish Heart Foundation Heart & Stroke Conference recently, it might seem like a strange thing to do. However, there is a strong link between the conditions that cause heart disease and stroke and the conditions that cause hearing loss. It seems that any cardio vascular problems has a knock on effect on hearing. 

The effects of heart disease on hearing

It makes sense, the inner ear needs a good supply of oxygenated blood to maintain health, just as our other bodily organs do. Cardio vascular disease interferes with the supply of oxygenated blood within the body. So you would expect there to be detrimental effects on all of our organs. 

Raising hearing loss awareness

We thought that it was a good idea to raise awareness of the connection with other medical professionals and educate them on what we as hearing aid audiologists have to offer. Not just that, it is a also a good thing for us to update our own learning on what are serious conditions.