Connect Hearing welcome a Hearing Revolution

By Angela Doherty

Connect Hearing, a leading independent hearing practice, is excited to introduce Livio Edge AI, the world’s first Healthable hearing aid.

Healthable hearing technology uses artificial intelligence and embedded sensors to provide both superior sound quality and deliver smart health and wellness benefits. Livio Edge AI is a revolutionary, multi-purpose device that redefines what a hearing aid can do.


Game-changing sound with Edge Mode

Livio Edge AI takes next generation sound performance to new heights, providing instantaneous adjustments for the most challenging listening situations. With a simple tap, the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids scans the environment and makes changes on the spot to help you when you need it most, including making it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.

-Hear speech comfortably even in busy settings while unwanted noise is suppressed.
-Boost speech sounds to help make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.
-Stream crisp, clear phone calls and experience music the way it was meant to be heard.
-Connect via Bluetooth® with accessories and select smartphones.*


Healthier Hearing Means a Healthier You

It’s been proven. Hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being. People who treat their hearing loss not only hear better, but may lower their risk for serious health issues such as cognitive decline and dementia. 1

Livio Edge AI feature body and brain tracking to deliver measurable benefits to wearers. Brain tracking measure active listening and social engagement to help reduce cognitive decline. Body tracking tracks your daily steps, measures movement and monitors more vigorous physical activity, motivating you to move more which can help keep you healthier as you age. Most fitness tracking devices use the wrist, but the ear provides far more accurate data – in fact, it’s the ideal spot for reliable tracking, and Livio Edge AI is the takes advantage of that.


Custom. Convenient. Rechargeable.

Meet the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aids. Custom means the hearing aid is custom moulded to fit your unique ear canal comfortably and securely. And they won’t get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks. Multiple colour options allow you to be discreet or show off your new in-ear device.


Hear Better. Live Better

Livio Edge AI lets people of all ages take a proactive approach to their overall wellness. By using artificial intelligence, the hearing aid is transformed into a tool that can unlock the ear’s ability to be a source of complex biological information. In doing so, it helps to bridge the gap between a patient’s hearing health and their overall health and wellness. With Livio Edge AI, you will not only hear better, but live better thanks to real-time feedback about your overall body and cognitive fitness.


About Connect Hearing

The friendly, qualified team at Connect Hearing believe that when you hear better, you live better. That’s why you’ll always find a warm welcome at Connect Hearing as well as a personalised hearing service that’s designed to make the most of your hearing. Connect Hearing have many years’ experience providing the very best hearing healthcare to their clients and pride themselves on using only state-of the-art hearing technology and equipment to deliver the best outcomes. You’ll not only hear better but live a better, healthier life.

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SOURCE 1 Livingston, Gill., et al. (2020, August). Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission. The Lancet, 396(10248), 413–446. 6736(20)30367-6.
*Remote Microphone + is required for certain Android devices Livio Edge AI Editorial Content