Looking For digital Hearing Aids in Dublin?

All of the best hearing aids from the best manufacturers in Dublin

hearing aids in DublinAt Connect Hearing we are committed to providing the best hearing aids and hearing care service in Dublin & across Ireland. That is why we supply digital hearing aids from only the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. We back up those hearing aids with strong custoner care & after care service. We use the best and offer the best because it is what you expect and it makes our life a whole lot easier. 

We only use the best and most modern hearing aids available to us, from trusted industry leading manufacturers because they rarely fail and our Patients are consistently happy with them. We continually update our hearing aid programming skills through further education in order that we can offer the best service available with these products as they are updated. Again this equals happy Patients and happy Patients are exactly what we want. They are a pleasure to deal with and they tend to tell their friends all about us. 

Our Hearing Aids in Dublin, & Across Ireland

The hearing aid manufacturers we supply are the leaders of the industry, such as Phonak, GN ReSound, Widex, Unitron & starkey. Well known brands that have a long history in the hearing aid business in Ireland and across the world. Each brand is individually known for innovation and quality, delivering ground breaking hearing aid technology consistently. This is why we use them in our centres. 

With Two Dublin Hearing Aid Centres, We are Always Near You

With our two hearing aid centres in Dublin in Stillorgan and Fairview we are always close to you. We offer the best hearing aids and best practise hearing healthcare including hearing tests, hearing aids, ear wax removal and tinnitus therapy among others. 

Widex Approved Hearing Aid Centre
Connect Hearing Stillorgan on Google+Providing hearing aids and hearing healthcare in Stillorgan
Unit G, Stillorgan Shopping Centre, 
County Dublin
 01 2073132
Freephone: 1800 848 888
Widex Approved Hearing Aid Centre
Connect Hearing Fairview on Google+Providing hearing aids and hearing healthcare in Fairview
11 Fairview Strand, 
Dublin 3
 01 818 6850
Free Phone 1800 848 888


Looking For The Best Hearing Aids & Hearing Care in Dublin?


If you are looking for the best, than look no further, we offer the best hearing aidscombined with excellent customer service  and lifetime aftercare to our Patients. We provide hearing solutions to them that work every day in all of their day to day experiences. We know that we can help you to hear the life you are missing. Call us on 1800 848 888 for an appointment for a hearing test in Dublin.