Oticon Introduces Brand New Hearing Aid Platform For 2021

New More Hearing Aids Offer Even Better Brain Hearing Abilities

Oticon has launched a brand new hearing aid platform they are calling More, the new platform is powered by a brand new computer brain called Polaris. Oticon makes some powerful claims about the chipset in comparison to the Velox S platform such as:

  • 16 times more capacity to execute advanced algorithms
  • Intelligent use of industry-leading 64-channel processing
  • Twice as much computation capacity and speed
  • Deep Neural Network processing
  • Double the precision in 1.5-5kHz frequency bands

That jump in processor power allows us Oticon to provide more in-depth analysis and processing that adds up to a better experience for you. It has also allowed them to expand upon their Brain Hearing strategy. Oticon believes that in order for your brain to make sense of the sounds around you, it needs the fullest and most natural picture. This allows the brain to sort through the sounds and deliver the speech that you want to hear.

With their original Opn hearing aids, they offered broader access to all surrounding sounds. Most hearing aids work to reduce access to surrounding sound so that you can hear speech. Oticon take a different approach but one that has proved very successful.

Giving you access to the full sound scene

Giving You The Full Sound Scene

Oticon believes that the best route to allow your brain's natural ability to work is to offer you wider access to your surrounding environment. This is the centre-piece of their Brain Hearing Technology concept and in our experience, it has worked very well for many users.

Just One Hearing Aid Initially

Oticon is just introducing one style initially, it is their rechargeable miniRITE which is a very discrete Receiver In Canal hearing aid. The device is powered by their outstanding lithium-ion cell which is one of the very few that can be changed in-clinic. That means in several years if you need it replaced, it can be done at a simple appointment with us. You can be charged and ready for a full day of hearing in just three hours. Leave them to charge overnight and the smart charger just handles the rest, never letting them over charge.

Oticon More miniRITE-R

Direct Connectivity, Both Made For iPhone and Made For Android

More is both a Made For iPhone and a true Made For Android hearing aid, offering direct connectivity including audio streaming from both iPhones and some Android phones. The More uses the Google ASHA standard so it will connect to many modern Android phones with Android 10 and above. They have used the new processor to great effect, the aids scan and analyse the sound scene 500 times per second, the hearing aids then instantaneously organise the sounds to create clear contrast and balance allowing you to focus on the speech that matters.

They say that they have trained the deep neural network processing in More with 12 Million real-world sound scenes. This allows it to better understand your sound surroundings and offer you the best experience.  The device has a convenient double push-button which makes it easy to control volume and adjust programmes. The accompanying smartphone app will also allow you to do that and much more. The devices will resist dust and humidity and have been given IP-68 certification.

Available Now

More is available at our hearing care centres across Ireland, if you are interested in trying them out or simply want to check your hearing, call me now for an appointment.