Phonak Extends The Marvel Range With Two New Devices

Phonak has extended the Audeo Marvel range with two new model types, a 312 with a telecoil and a size 13 with a telecoil. Up to now, the Marvel range has been quite a success, but the choice of models has been limited. The new additions make the Audeo Marvel range a better choice for users who are used to having a telecoil on their hearing aids. 

They have released both the Audeo M-312T, which offers a telecoil and is powered by a size 312 battery and the Audeo M-13T, which offers a telecoil and is powered by the slightly larger size 13 battery to the market. The best bet for battery life longevity would be the size thirteen powered device, although it is slightly larger than the 312 powered device. Having said that, both devices are relatively discreet as the Audeo range always is. None of the devices available are very large, nor very noticeable. 

Strong Versatility, Good in Noise

The Marvel range has proven itself as a pretty good hearing device in noise and many people like the versatility of the Bluetooth connection. The hands-free calling feature really excites people once they start to use it. 

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