Tinnitus - What Can I Do ?

Have you ever noticed that ringing or hissing noise in your ears or just thought that there was an engine running outside your house?  Or do you have trouble getting to sleep with the noise in your ears or just your head?  If so read on……

Is it Tinnitus?

This condition is called “Tinnitus”.  In years gone by it was called “The Death Bell”.  In both the Welsh & Irish language, Tinnitus was translated as “The Death Bell”.  This gave rise to allot of superstition surrounding this neurological problem, in fact Tinnitus comes from the Latin for ringing! In many cases people who visit their G.P. with this complaint are told there is no cure or it’s in their head!  This statement seems to rule out any hope of relief from this relentless irritation.  But that’s not the case. Sufferers are never advised by their healthcare professional, to have a hearing test or investigate it further.  A quick glance in your ear might just be enough to provide the answer!


What can I do?

At Connect Hearing, we examine from your outer ear all the way through to your inner ear & neural pathways to the brain.  We examine your processing ability for sound. With audiometers & tympanometer, tuning forks & word tests, we can establish the probable cause of your tinnitus.  With Zen therapy, pioneered by Dr Robert Sweetow, fractal tones occupy your tinnitus & cognitive behavioural therapies help you get to grips with this menacing problem. 

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