Phonak Introduces Marvel 2.0

They Say, More Choice, More Connectivity, More Performance

Phonak announced the introduction of Marvel 2.0, the next generation of their Marvel technology in August. The latest update gives Marvel hearing aid wearers even more hearing performance, more connectivity and more choice. Marvel 2.0 represents an upgrade to the functionality of existing Audeo Marvel hearing aids, the introduction of RogerDirect™, and the expansion of Marvel technology to more hearing aid types.

More Hearing Aid Types

First, they are expanding the Marvel Audeo range with a new Audéo™ M-RT. This is the second rechargeable hearing aid to be offered in the Audeo range. It delivers all of the outstanding benefits of Marvel technology including lithium-ion rechargeability and it has an integrated telecoil for connection to hearing loops. But they aren't stopping there, they are also introducing Behind The Ear hearing aids and a new range of Marvel hearing aids for children.

Bolero Marvel PR hearing aid

Phonak Bolero™ Marvel

They are introducing the Bolero range, which consists of two behind the ear hearing aid styles. The new Bolero Marvel range is the first BTE hearing aids that directly streams all audio content from iOS® and Android™ devices. The Bolero M range will also offer a BTE that features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, giving wearers a full day of hearing including streaming on a single charge.

The Bolero Marvel M is a 312 powered mini-BTE hearing aid that can be used with either traditional tubing and an earmould or thin tubing.

The Bolero Marvel PR is a slightly larger BTE hearing aid that offers all that the M does but with an added telecoil.

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

The new Phonak Sky Marvel range is designed for children, the Sky M product family introduces the outstanding Marvel technology to paediatrics. The Sky M lineup will be available in a wide range of colours and sizes and is designed to help children with mild, moderately severe, severe and profound degrees of hearing loss.


Roger® technology is accepted as the gold standard for assistive hearing technology. They help to bridge the understanding gap in loud noise and over distance by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. The sound quality of the devices is excellent and they perform amazingly well. Up to now, they came with a bit of extra hassle for hearing aid wearers. They had to plug an extra receiver and/or audio shoe into their hearing aids or use an intermediary streamer to receive the Roger signal.

The upgrade means that Marvel hearing aids with RogerDirect will no longer need the extra components or accessories needed to receive the Roger signal. Roger devices will now have a direct connection to the hearing aids without any ungainly audio shoes or streamers. All current Audéo Marvel wearers can access the RogerDirect feature via a firmware upgrade available from us.

Phonak PartnerMic


Marvel has proven to be a most successful hearing aid platform, but like all other modern hearing aids, sometimes they are just not enough. Marvel hearing aids will handle most situations for most people. However, sometimes, in some situations, and for some people, it can still be hard to hear. While Marvel 2.0 offers solutions like RogerDirect which gives you access to all of the fantastic Roger assistive devices. They have also released a more simple PartnerMic which could be an ideal solution depending on your needs.

More Connectivity

In addition to full access to RogerDirect, upgraded Marvel hearing aids will now be capable of pairing two Bluetooth audio devices at the same time. That will be extremely handy for people with Marvel hearing aids who liked to use their phones and computers with them. The new upgrade means that they won't have to go to the hassle of switching between them that they had before. With the optional TV Connector, Marvel wearers can also stream high definition audio from their TVs directly to both hearing aids while keeping two Bluetooth slots open for their other devices

Phonak Marvel app

New App

Phonak are also launching an updated myPhonak app that is designed to give wearers a more enhanced and personalized hearing experience. The new app offers everything in one place, Remote Support, your Hearing Diary functionality, and now a new more advanced remote control. It offers customization options including power over the level of noise reduction, speech focus and more.

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