What's the best hearing aid in the world

Those are two questions we get asked quite a lot at our hearing aid centres in Dublin and across Ireland, when people are making a decision, they like to be able to make the best decision. We understand this quite well, decisions about treating your hearing loss with hearing aids are always big ones. Initially for most it is a jump in the dark, while they do some research, some of the information can be hard to difest. Most of our customers are looking for, and need a trusted guide. We understand that clearly, that's why we take the time to explain all of the options to our customers.

Wait Though! We Won't Drown You in Rubbish

That's not what we do, decisions are hard enough without a million choices of size, features and colours. We don't do that because it wouldn't help you to hear better, we don't want you to obsess about the products, we want you to just get on living life. That doesn't mean we won't supply you with the information if you need it, in fact that is why we take care to ensure our website is constantly updated with the latest hearing aids available. 

All of The Brands

We deal with all of the hearing aid brands that are available, we do that so that we can offer real choice to our customers. However, some of the brands are most definitely recognised as better or the best. Before we talk about that though, we would like to cover something that is important. Each customer is different, with different requirements, some hearing aids and hearing aid brands are more suitable for them. Those hearing aids and brands are the very best for that person. So this is always a major concern, we always want to make sure thet what you choose, is the best hearing aid for you. 

The Best Hearing Aid Brands

I would imagine there would be a lot of debate in Audiology about the best hearing aid brand, I think it is probably a personal choice for professionals but I think everyone would agree it is a toss of a coin between Widex and Phonak. Both of these brands are renowned for quality, reliability and superior sound, they are both premium hearing aid brands and have been for a very long time. A late comer is chasing them for the title at the moment though, GN ReSound who were the first to introduce Made For iPhone hearing aids to the world are catching up on the premium brands. After years of issues with their hearing aids, they have really done amazing work introducing some world class hearing devices. If you would like to see the latest Phonak hearing aids just click on that link, the same goes for the latest Widex hearing aids and the latest ReSound hearing aids

Widex Unique Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

We use the very latest range of hearing aids from Phonak, the Venture range. The range comes in many types, sizes and technology levels, so you can be sure there is one that is right for you. We feel that Phonak and Widex are so close in quality that our recommendation is always based on specific needs of the customer. Phonak hearing aids are outstanding and we never hear any customer complaints.

Widex Hearing Aids

Again, we use the very latest hearing aids from Widex, the new Unique range. Widex also have many types, sizes and technology levels on offer. 

We know that we have the best hearing aids,
all that we need to deliver you better hearing,
is to discover which of them is the best hearing aid for you.

We Have The Best Hearing Aids For You

We know that we have the best hearing aid for you in our hearing aid centres in Dublin and across Ireland, we also know that in order that those hearing aids continue to deliver better hearing for you that you will need support and care. That's why we always focus on the journey, delivering the very latest hearing aids and quality aftercare and customer service.

So if you are looking for hearing aids in Dublin or a hearing test in Dublin, or across Ireland give us a call on 1800 848 888 or book your appointment online now.