Making Ear Wax Removal Easy For You

Earwax removal is a large part of our daily routine now, we seem to see at least one or two people a day for the procedure. Just last week I had one customer laughing at how excited I got when I saw that her earwax plug was very wet and gooey. Let me explain, I don't have a secret fetish. it just makes it easier to remove and more pleasant for the customer.

Earwax Nirvana

So what will bring about this earwax nirvana? The answer is oil, specifically oil to break down earwax. Earwax removal is a far easier process when the person uses an oil to soften the earwax and condition the skin of the ear canal. Some people just use warmed olive oil, just like their mammies used to use, some people use ear drops from the chemist, I find the best oil to use is anyone that is in a spray bottle, rather than drops. 

Earol Earwax Oil SprayA Spray Seems To Be Always Better

The spray types always seem to do a better job, they atomise the oil in the canal so it gets everywhere and you don't need to lie down for ten minutes for it to do it's work. It always seems to me that for drops to really work you have to lay immobile so you can keep it in the ear against the wax. There are no such limitations with the spray. We sell earol at our hearing aid centres, it is contained in a handy little spray container and I have always found it to work well. 

However, I think any oil will probably do once it is in spray form. If you can't find any in the chemist near you, give us a call on 1800 848 888 and we can arrange to send some out to you. 

Back To Icky Gooey Earwax

We can always tell when someone has being using the oil they have correctly, once we look in the ear it is obvious that the earwax is wet and gooey. When we see that we know that this is going wash out nicely. The easier it is to remove, the better the better the experience will be for a customer. 

Dry hard earwax isn't easy to remove, the first ten or fifteen minutes is relly spent wetting it and breaking it away slowly. Whereas when the earwax is the right consistency, it basically just breaks up and washes out quickly. Even if the central plug is still hard if the outer edges of it around the canal wall have been softened it can just wash out in one lump. I always get a real sense of satisfaction when I perform earwax removal and the customers always seem to get a laugh out of my satisfaction and my apparent glee when I get a big lump out.

Microsuction and Irrigation Earwax Removal

The consistency isn't as important for microsuction but I believe that it will still make the process easier for you and that has to be important. I still like irrigation for wax removal though, I always feel that it washes everything away, completely cleaning both the canal and eardrum. Ear wax removal by irrigation is a pretty easy process, but if you have never had it done before I can understand some hesitation.

Irrigation Earwax Cleaning

So, what we do is warm water to a certain temp, the temp is important, too cold and you might get dizzy, too hot and you might get dizzy. We then use the handgrip part of the machine you can see above to introduce the water to your ear canal under pressure. The pressure is not high and it is controlled. You might get a start when the water is introduced but it is not unpleasant. In fact when I was being trained in I found it very relaxing. 

The water breaks down the earwax and washes it out of the ear canal. We catch it in a special jug called a noots tank that we place under your ear against your neck. You will be asked to hold it in place, we just don't have enough hands! Make sure you hold it snug under the ear though, because if you don't, you are going to end up with a wet neck. 

Even Oil May Not Soften It Enough

Sometimes even consistent oil use will not soften the wax entirely, this is usually when there is a large plug that goes deep into the canal. With this type of plug the oil won't penetrate enough to soften it all. When this happens I am afraid the wax needs to be removed in two sessions. There is no other way to do it, the first session takes out all the softened wax, then you use the oil for a few more days and we can take out the rest.

Use The Oil!

Use the oil, it will make our job and your experience easier and better. Somebody asked me if they should continue to use the oil after the earwax was removed? I don't think so, I remember reading somewhere that using the oil consistently will cause an over production of earwax. The best thing you can do for earwax is to leave your ears alone, ears clean themselves naturally. If you poke things in there all you are doing is pushing the wax in further and upsetting the natural flow of things.  

If you need earwax removal in Dublin, why don't you give us a call on 1800 848 888 and we can book you into one of our hearing aid centres. 

Qualified Professional Service: qualified and experienced audiologists with additional training in ear wax removal.

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