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One of the more common issues we see on a daily basis is earwax build up problems. That's why we offer microsuction earwax removal services at our hearing aid centres in Dublin and across Ireland. Earwax or as it is more formally known, cerumen, is a natural part of your ear canal. It is a build up of sweat and oil from the secretions from the sebaceous glands and the apocrine sweat glands in your ear canal. Those secretions are mixed with shed skin cells and become what we know as earwax. Earwax is actually a good thing.

Earwax isn't definitely not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is a good thing to have in your ears. It has anti-bacterial properties and works as a protective layer between your ear canal and the outside world. Anything that enters the ear canal such as dust or bacteria, is met by earwax and stopped before it reaches the eardrum.

It also helps to keep the correct PH balance of the ear canal and lubricate the skin. People who do not produce enough wax often complain of itchy ears and can be prone to outer ear infections. Normally earwax will make its way to the mouth of the ear canal and simply falls out. 

Do You Produce Too Much Earwax?

Some people just produce too much earwax in one or both ears, people with this issue normally have to have it regularly removed. The time between removal can vary from person to person, it depends on the earwax build up. For some reason, the natural cleaning mechanism of the ear canals of these people has been interrupted. One of the most common reasons for this interruption and the impacted wax that we often find is cotton buds.

Cotton Buds are For Baby's Noses

Cotton buds or as many people call them earbuds are the single biggest cause of earwax problems. What you are usually doing with a cotton swab, is pushing the wax farther into the ear canal. It interrupts the natural cleaning process and the wax begins to build up. The build-up will continue until the wax needs to be removed. Cotton buds were originally designed for use in baby's noses, that is really where they should have stayed.

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Our Earwax Removal Service


Safe, comforatable ear wax removal in IrelandA full and comprehensive hearing test can't be performed when someone has a lot of wax in their ears. Earwax very rarely causes loss of hearing, however, we need to work on the assumption that the results could be affected. The primary reason we never perform a full hearing test on someone with excessive wax is because it obscures the view of the eardrum. This stops us from viewing the health and condition of it. This is an important part of any hearing health assessment. Earwax can also cause difficulties for existing hearing aid users as it may cause their hearing aids to whistle.

We noted that more and more of our existing Patients were having difficulties obtaining earwax removal in their area. We decided that we would offer the service, we undertook accredited instruction courses and all of our Audiologists are certified to remove wax. Our earwax removal service is now an integral part of our Practice and anyone can book an appointment

Microsuction Earwax Removal

Microsuction earwax removal is undertaken with a specialist vacuum pump that gently sucks the earwax out of the ear, imagine for a minute an earwax hoover. We do the procedure with a special microscope that allows us to see exactly what we are doing. Because of this and the fact that we introduce no liquids to the ear during the process, it is the safest form of earwax removal available. The process is usually instant as well, so that's safe, comfortable, no mess, instant earwax removal, what more could you ask for?

Irrigation Earwax Removal

We also use the irrigation method of wax removal in our hearing aid centres. We use a spray type ear wash machine, which is commonly used in the medical setting. We will first talk you through the process, asking you some questions in relation to your medical history and any experiences you have had before with earwax removal.  Once that is finished we will move onto the removal process. The irrigation solution is carefully warmed to body temperature, as dizziness can be a common side effect of ear washing with solutions that are colder or warmer than body temperature. Any other temperature than body temperature may cause temporary vertigo.

We use the spray type ear washer to gently stream water into the ear. For children, the pressure and speed that we use are lower than with adults. The procedure is pretty simple and relatively comfortable, we pull the external ear upwards and back gently, this straightens out the ear canal. We then aim the nozzle of the sprayer into the canal slightly upwards and backwards so that the water flows along the roof of the ear canal. The solution helps to break down the wax and will flow out of the canal along its floor taking any debris with it. The irrigation procedure may need to be repeated a couple of times, depending on the hardness and age of the wax. When the wax has been completely removed we use a special mopping apparatus to dry out the ear canal. We do so in order that no bacteria may get an opportunity to grow. 

Getting Ready For Earwax Removal

Sometimes the wax is too hardened for easy removal. In cases such a these we recommend that people use an oil for 1-2 weeks before removal in order to soften the wax and ready it for removal. It is highly advisable that you get any earwax removal oil from a hearing healthcare professional or a Pharmacy. The oil is usually dropped or sprayed into the ear at night just before bed, it can cause the wax to expand which can cause some hearing difficulties, if this does happen, don't panic. It is best to do it just before bed and let it work while you sleep.

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