Free Earwax Removal, Dublin

Free Earwax Removal in Dublin

Free ear wax removal event DublinHave Your Ear wax Removed FREE

As part of the clebrations around the opening of our new Dublin Hearing Aid Centre at 11 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3, we are having a free earwax removal event on the 19th of October in Fairview. Our Audiologists will be there on the day offering the service free of charge. 

Places Are Limited So Book Early

Although the service is free, places are limited and by appointment,

so call us on 1800 848 888 to book yours now.

Safe & Comfortable Earwax Removal

Although we use water to remove the earwax, the method is not in any way similar to the ear syringing. Our earwax removal method is done using irrigation. We use a special machine to gently wash away the earwax from your ear canal. It is a completely safe and comfortable method to remove earwax. 

General Ear Health Check-up

As part of the appointment we also do a general ear health checkup, scanning the ear for any issuesThe appointment normally takes an hour and includes a quick questionnaire and we also do a quick scan of your hearing to make sure there is no other issues. So if you are looking for free earwax removal in Dublin, call us on 1800 848 888 to book your appointment. 

As We Said, Completely Free But Places Are Limited

So Make Your Appointment Today!

You can read more about our earwax removal services here