Oticon Tinnitus SoundSupport Provides a Personalised Tinnitus Relief Approach

Tinnitus Sound Support, What Is It ?

Oticon Tinnitus TreatmentTinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, whistling, ticking or other sound that presents itself in the ear without any external source. It is still little understood, however, we are constantly finding out more and more about the condition because of on-going research. Tinnitus is not a disease, it is in fact a symptom of an underlying problem. It can be a very disruptive problem for some,interfering with their enjoyment of day to day activities. It can present as an intermittent or constant sound at varying levels of intensity (volume). It may be more severe in the morning or at night. How people experience their tinnitus is as individual as they are.

SoundSupport From Oticon

The new feature from Oticon,  Tinnitus SoundSupport™ is a next generation relief sound generator that Oticon says meets the needs of people with tinnitus. It offers highly personalised relief, whatever form their tinnitus may take. Tinnitus SoundSupport is fully integrated into select models of Oticon Alta2 hearing instruments which can be used as part of an overall tinnitus therapy program. The feature is designed so that people with tinnitus can benefit from relief sounds that are personalised to their individual needs and preferences throughout the day.

Soothing Sounds as a Relief Strategy

Oticon research indicates that successful sound relief for tinnitus requires sounds that people will respond to in a positive way. With Tinnitus SoundSupport, users have the option to choose the combination of relief sounds they prefer. The options range from soothing ocean sounds to more traditional “white noise” 

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broadband sounds. Tinnitus SoundSupport is the first integrated relief sound generator to offer ocean sounds, a popular category of sounds that have shown great promise in decreasing the annoyance of tinnitus.

“Both Alta2 hearing solutions and Tinnitus SoundSupport can be personalized to meet individual hearing needs and sound preferences,” says Donald Schum, PhD, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations for Oticon, Inc. “People enjoy improved listening ability and the additional support of integrated relief sounds - combined benefits that help make tinnitus less perceptible and can reduce the stress often associated with tinnitus.”

Complete Control

Because the intensity of tinnitus may vary dramatically throughout the day, The tinnitus SoundSupport feature is designed to be easily adjusted to accommodate a person's changing needs for sound relief. Users can select the types and levels of sounds that work best for them giving them complete control over their sound relief. Tinnitus SoundSupport provides a selection of relief sound choices from three different types of ocean sounds, including soothing and dynamic, to broadband sounds that range from bustling to tranquil. The new feature from Oticon and the Oticon hearing aids will be available in our hearing centres in Stillorgan and Fairview, Dublin, and Ardee & Letterkenny. So if you are interested in tinnitus relief or hearing aids in Dublin, why don't you give us a call on 1800 848 888 and we will book your appointment.