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Ringing in your ears?

tinnitus treatment Do you hear a ringing, roaring, clicking, or hissing sound in your ears? Do you hear this sound often or all the time? Does the sound bother you a lot? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have tinnitus and you should see a hearing professional.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Nearly everyone has experienced tinnitus at one time or other. But for some it can be a constant companion. Tinnitus is a symptom associated with many forms of hearing problems. (It can also be a symptom of other health problems.) Tinnitus is typically caused by:

    • Hearing Loss – Most people who have tinnitus also have some kind of hearing loss.
    • Loud Noise – Exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Continued exposure can make the tinnitus and hearing loss become worse.
    • Medication – More than 200 medicines, including aspirin, can cause tinnitus. If you have tinnitus and you take medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether your medicine could be the cause.

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Widex Zen, Take control of your tinnitus today

Counselling with an experienced hearing healthcare professional trained in managing tinnitus improves your chances of success in regaining your quality of life.

Good counselling combined with the unique Widex Zen Therapy can help you get on with your life.

Tinnitus Therapy

We carry out a complete hearing assessment including Audiometry. We will discuss your tinnitus and grade your perception of its severity. Based on this evaluation and your answers to our questions we will discuss pssible treatment options with you. Management of your tinnitus may include the use of hearing aid amplification, sound therapy or a combined approach.

Step One: Assessments & Medical Clearance

Because tinnitus can be associated with underlying diseases of the ear and  other anatomical structures, it is important that we ascertain what the underlying causes of your problem are. In most cases tinnitus is caused by an underlying hearing loss, it is important that we confirm this and rule out any other causes. Tinnitus can be caused by other problems that are not appropriate for treatment by us. If we find that your tinnitus is not suitable for treatment we will refer you to an ENT Specialist to rule out any health-related conditions that could be the cause of your tinnitus or could be treated through medical and/or surgical intervention. 

Step Two: Treatment Options

Treatment Of An Underlying Hearing Loss

There are many options for treatment with tinnitus dependent on the severity and the underlying cause. In quite a lot of cases correction of a hearing loss with well fitted digital hearing aids will dramatically reduce eliminate the impact of tinnitus. In cases where amplification alone may not be successful, we also prescribe sound therapy. Many modern hearing aid devices are combination devices giving amplification and sound therapy. Different types of noises or chime-like sounds can be used with or without amplification to offer relief from tinnitus. Sound therapy will most often be accompanied by education, counseling, and stress reduction. It may also include professionals from other disciplines (i.e., psychology, dentistry, neurology, etc). 

Sound therapy Treatment

In Cases where there is no hearing loss is or it is not severe enough for treatment. We would prescribe sound therapy devices. Sound therapy has proven to be an effective management tool for many people who suffer from tinnitus that isn't associated with underlying hearing loss. The sound Therapy that we would normally use would be Zen from Widex, a proven sound therapy strategy that delivers results for many Patients.

Widex Zen

A new and unique approach to tinnitus management is Widex Zen Therapy which has a proven track record of helping people with tinnitus. Widex Zen Therapy uniquely combines the Zen sound stimulation, counselling, stress reduction and amplification - all depending on your level of tinnitus.

The benefits of Widex Zen Therapy

Widex Zen Therapy can help you to: 

  • reduce stress
  • overcome sleep difficulties and prevent fatigue
  • identify and change unhelpful negative thinking concerning tinnitus
  • reverse overcompensation by the brain because of hearing deficits

How Does Widex Zen work?

Widex’s unique Zen Therapy is a program on Widex hearing aids that helps relieve your tinnitus by playing completely random, soothing harmonic tones. They call it a spa for your ears. There are several harmonies that can be used and they are completely customisable. We can change the overall tone and tempo of the harmonies so we are confident that we can customise one for you. 

The tinnitus treatment plan

If you suspect that you may be one of the many faces of tinnitus, your first step is to undergo a professional evaluation. After your diagnosis, a hearing care professional can help you make an individual treatment plan for your tinnitus. The Widex Zen Therapy treatment plan combines the elements below, depending on your degree of tinnitus

  • Counselling – helps you to identify and challenge the way you perceive tinnitus in your daily life.  
  • Relaxation exercises – teach you sleep strategies, meditation, breathing exercises and muscle relaxation.
  • Sound stimulation – listening to repetitive Zen fractal tones can reduce your tinnitus related stress.  
  • Amplification - amplified sound from hearing aids can be a big help if you also have hearing loss.


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