The Pros and Cons of Irrigation Ear Wax removal

Irrigation not Ear Syringing

There are now two popular methods of ear wax removal undertaken in Ireland, micro suction ear wax removal and irrigation earwax removal. Ear wax removal by irrigation has completely replaced ear syringing. Ear syringing as a method of ear cleaning is pretty much discredited, it could cause more problems than it cured and often it didn't remove the ear wax. Irrigation is safer and more effective because it uses a controlled flow of water. The process is undertaken using an electronic ear irrigation machine, which is basically a water pump. The machine contains a reservoir unit for water and a hand-held nozzle which is used to gently spray water into the ear canal at a controlled and steady rate. The water removes the ear wax build-up, flushing it out of the canal to be captured in a special tank which is held under the ear. Let's look at how that happens. 

Irrigation ear wax removal from €50 for one ear

Irrigation Earwax Removal

irrigation earwax removal

Irrigation earwax removal is an ideal method of ear cleaning for people who are comfortable with it. The irrigation solution is carefully warmed to body temperature for comfort.

Comfortable and Quick: Irrigation is totally comfortable and in many cases, the ear wax blockage is removed in minutes

Using the controlled pressurised flow of water, we gently remove the build-up of ear wax. It is a straightforward process that ensures comfort and safety because of the controlled pressure of the water. Under the gentle force of the water, the ear wax is softened, broken up and washed out of the ear. This method is nothing like ear syringing, there is no painful pressure. While we irrigate your ear, we will gently pull your ear at different angles to make sure the water has full access to your ear canal.

We will also pause several times to take a look inside your ear to check whether the wax is moving. Ear irrigation really is a painless procedure, but your ear may feel a little strange as the water is squirted around your ear canal

Why Irrigation?

Irrigation is an exceptionally safe and comfortable method of earwax removal. The use of liquid ensures that the ear is washed completely clean. Most people find it a comfortable process and it is usually undertaken in about thirty minutes. 

The Pros and Cons

Let's talk about the pros and cons of this type of ear wax removal method. The biggest issue is that not everyone is suitable for earwax removal by irrigation. In cases like that, we offer micro suction earwax removal. There are several reasons why the process might not be suitable. :

  • A perforated eardrum, or if you have had a perforation in the last 12 months.
  • Previously had problems with irrigation, such as pain in your ear or dizziness
  • Have a discharge from your ear or have had an ear infection in the preceding couple of months
  • Have recurring or persistent infections of the ear canal
  • You have had any major ear surgery

Some people find having water in their ear a little uncomfortable, there is never any pain. It is just that the feeling is a little strange. For this type of earwax removal, it is important that you use oil in drops or spray form for a couple of days before in preparation for the procedure. The procedure normally takes anything up to thirty minutes an ear. That depends on how soft the wax is and therefore how much oil you have been using to soften it. 

Safer than syringing: Irrigation ear cleaning is a more effective and safer method of ear wax removal than ear syringing.

Benefits of Irrigation Ear Cleaning

It is a very effective method for removing ear wax, it completely washes the ear canal and eardrum clean. Some people find the procedure very relaxing, other benefits of this type of  ear wax removal include:

Safer Than Syringing

Earwax Removal by irrigation is a very safe method of ear cleaning. The water is at a controlled low pressure and there is no syringe.

Usually Quick Removal

Irrigation earwax removal is normally a quick process, usually lasting no longer than thirty minutes an ear.

Really Gets It All

Irrigation is a very effective method of removing earwax. It completely washes your ear clean leaving no wax behind.

Qualified Professional Service: qualified and experienced audiologists with additional training in ear wax removal.

Irrigation ear wax removal from €50 for one ear